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Zane Gray Magic

"zane's message to our youth was phenomenal." - Pastor Johnson


"Zane Gray is a magnetic personality who reaches people from his heart.  He has proven to be a superstar in every realm of life.  His wisdom and business knowledge will enhance your life and you will be a better person, player, or team from his touch.  The magic he performs literally makes people explode in laughter and disbelief.  Our company is blessed to have seen Zane speak and perform and we regularly get requests for more."   -  Chris Roberts  President GHS 

"Zane is the best entertainment we have ever had.  We tried to get him back but his schedule wouldn't allow it.  Hopefully we can work it out again sometime.  Thanks for the hilarious entertainment.  ALL that were there were amazed by your magic and very entertained by your delivery."  -  Tom Ross  Maverick Inc.

"Highly entertaining, everyone watching every move, dialogue that was more than funny and entirely appropriate, an audience that laughed and wondered with each presentation.  45 minutes of pure magic that spanned the ages.... way to go Zane Gray, you started the holiday season for the employees of the Cottonwood Heights Recreation center in a fun, spellbinding way."

Bart Hopkin  -  Assistant Director

"Zane is AMAZING.  It blows my mind that he can perform magic 2 feet in front of your face and you still can't figure out how he does it.  I have never seen anyone better at magic.  And... we aren't talking silly jester hat kind of stuff, he's a real pro.  Zane, I LOVE your shows!"   -  Mark Day Bank of Utah

"He blew us away time and time again.  But I was just as impressed with the message."

"The BEST assembly we have EVER had!"  - Malad High School

"Zane came to Twin Falls and performed a custom magic show for our sons 18th birthday party, and it was AMAZING! His friends were in awe all night.  We are having him back this spring for another show!"  - Juli Downs